For those not in the know… September 1st is normally when a good number on companies begin their new fiscal year. So you will see a lot of business news come out this week. Yesterday was the big announcement that The Walt Disney Company (DIS) had put an offering out to purchase Marvel Enterprises (MVL). Today it was a wee bit more somber. ADV Films announced it was closing shop and moving its assets to other companies under the ADV umbrella.

Anyone that had been listening to people like myself, Daryl Surat or Paul Chapman, will know that we were prophesying the downfall of ADV as early as Anime Festival Orlando 2008. ADV is a private company, so it does not need to make any of its dealings and/or profitability public, so we have not been able to see the actual sales numbers of their titles from the beginning. Just looking over the company’s public practices and business dealings over the last few years (the drastic drop in sponsorships being one) would point in the direction that something was wrong. Add the recent Anime purge from Best Buy’s inventory, you can see that the shadow of death looming.

It should be interesting… but the fact that ADV would release Evangelion every 2 years as an ongoing cash influx, just stinks of poor business… in my humble opinion.