Ancient City Con 4


Just got back from Ancient City Con. Had fun, it was good to be back in the Sunshine State for an event. For those of you still tracking, Tom and I are still going CRAZZZZY on the “BotCon Chronicles“… and elsewhere, people are still angry about stuff Tom and I said about Beast Wars… OVER A YEAR AGO!

Thanks to the crew and attendees at Ancient City Con for having us, we did have big fun!  Next on the Joey Snackpants national tour… GEN CON!

BotFail 2010


For those that have been under a rock for the last 14, or for the 2 people that read my Blog but don’t read Tom’s, there has been a heated debate between Tom, Myself, some realists and one rabid BotFail fan.  You can read all the fun at Tom’s Blog or the full report at You Bent My Wookie.  I was originally going to post a 3-4 page grammatical train wreck about how BotFail 2010 was one huge fleecing of the fan, but reading the responses I found the perfect summation of BotFail…

“I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if they got the bright idea to hold the “convention” in a vacuum chamber and charge extra for oxygen.” – Chris

I wish I was witty enough to come up with it myself, but I was not.

Shatner and Nimoy at Dragon*Con… EPIC GREATNESS!


Tom Croom just posted a Blog post that has ALL of the Shatner/Nimoy panel links from YouTube. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS NOW before it gets taken down. This was one of the greatest panels I have ever sat on.

Part 2

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Part 6
Part 7

Packing the car… Dragon*KHAAAAAAAAAAAN! Bound.


Well the car is being packed. One of the major advantages of living in backwater Georgia is that Atlanta is only about an hour away.

If you want to know what Katie McAwesome and I are doing, follow my twitter. *points to the right*

Woot! :)

Terminate the Berman Process.


The fine folks at Dragon*Con may have the reboot wrong, but the Berman Process needed to be terminated about 15 years ago.

See you all in Atlanta!

The view from behind greatness…


My partner in crime Tom Croom posted this photo on his blog… That is from where we were standing on stage singing back-up for Stan at Saturday’s show.

I am wondering if Gerald and Clarissa will have any opinions… since they were able to witness this greatness first hand. :)

Thank you!


I am still recovering, but I wanted to thank everyone who dropped by to see me at:

1.) Anime That Doesn’t Suck with Joey Snackpants
2.) Animusical Idol
3.) What The?!…
4.) The Stan Bush Concert (Photos coming soon)
and finally…
5.) DARE! The Transformers Panel Ultimate

We had a blast! I know a lot of other people did as well… They kept stopping me all day and making sure I knew.

Thank you again!

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