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Snack Time Online 000: Remember… The Podcast


The planets have aligned and the winning lottery numbers match – in short: Snack Time Online is attempting to return.  The pop culture podcast from “the before time” kicks off with Episode Zero. That episode number allows Joey Snackpants & Tom Croom to write off this episode as a beta test.  In true Microsoft Windows form, we’re releasing this test episode before it is actually ready for public consumption – so enjoy!  Please post your feedback so we can apply it future episodes.
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Episode 000: Remember… The Podcast

1:26 What we’re doing and where we’ve been (podcasting-wise)
4:31 Tonight’s topic
6:24 Transformers Panels
7:28 Plane Tickets & Booze
8:25 New Transformers Cartoon?
9:09 We are Steve Jobs free
10:06 Burp #1
10:20 Have an Opinion
13:49 The Nudist Colony Newspaper
15:26 Glee
17:00 Call #1
17:28 Call #2
20:45 The Rules So Far
23:04 Stuff Tom is watching
25:05 Adult Swim
26:00 Twittering
29:32 Call #3
32:57 No one watches wresting anymore
37:00 Windows 7
40:31 Call #4
46:00 Tom’s social networking web
52:41 Call #5

-Green Mustard Entertainment

Mystery of the Legendary THIRD EPISODE


Hiya folks – we’re working hard to get Snacktime Online up and running again. In doing so, we have recently found the mysterious third episode!

We should have it all up soon. (Before Christmas 2010.)

Thanks for your patience.

-The Green Mustard Staff

EPISODE 02 – The Wrath of Com[ics]


(Originally aired: 02/10/08)

This episode: Paul Chapman of the Greatest Movie Ever! Podcast and Daryl Surat of Anime World Order join Snacky for a frank and offbeat discussion about comic books and other media… the good, the bad, and the really REALLY ugly. Zaniness ensues.

Download the episode.

EPISODE 01 – The Sno’nuff Menace


(Originally aired: 01/20/08)

This episode: Joey Snackpants and his friends The Buddha and Bam-Bam discuss movies they should be embarrassed to admit they enjoy. Joey brings forth the classic “Barry Gordy’s: The Last Dragon”, but will The Buddha and Bam-Bam trump him with their selections… Rumor has it that Bam-Bam thought his favorite would be bigger. On January 20th, find out if Joey Snackpants, Esq. has the glow!

Download the episode.

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