I sent @BestBuy an email about my ‘experience’ at store 1185… #fb


I know, I know… sometimes I just can’t drop something.  My opinions about DC’s New 52, Beast Wars and Grant Morrison have been hashed over and over in many different media forms.  My last trip to Best Buy on the 19th has just really really rubbed me wrong.  For those unfamiliar you can see all the details here.

On Wednesday, I penned an email (with my Reward Zone Number) to Corporate to see if they care about their ‘Silver Members’ and their opinions.  Anyone want to make bets?  *chuckle*

Oh, and this post is a test in traditional Tom Croom style.

Edit: And my test failed…

Strange things are afoot at the CircleK… #FB


Yesterday’s post made me realize I really need to update this much more often… but I also got an email from DC Entertainment today.

I have already 300+ hours in Borderlands 2… I really need to write something about that, and my Raspberry Pi experience (along with Xbian and OpenELEC), and my 2 Asus Tablets I have had since i wrote last about android tablets, and my opinions on Dredd, and how I don’t buy comics any longer, and my visit to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”, especially after I recently read my previous blog post about it.

I just need to write… and stuff.  I haven’t been complaining enough on the internet, though reading my older posts… I really am more 50/50 in my internet writing.  My negative writing is just much more ‘colorful’.

Today @BestBuy #1185 angered me to the point of writing again… #FB


As much as I buy online, there are a number of things I need to feel and touch before I decide to make that major purchase.  Those are normally Laptops, tablets and few other electronics.  I also have a major issue with instant gratification.  Yes, I know I can buy it later… cheaper, but I need it *NOW*.  This is why I waited 2 hours in line at GenCon for a copy of Netrunner, that I have still never opened, but could have waited just 4 months and bought it from my local store, cheaper.  I needed it NOW! I have bought from Best Buy a good bit, just looking at my Reward Zone account can tell you how much of my weekly take home goes to the electronics giant.

My dear wife, Katie McAwesome, turns the big 3-0 this weekend and I finally got her to tell me what she wanted; a waterproof camera for our upcoming anniversary cruise.  We trekked far and wide looking for cameras, and finally found one she liked at Best Buy.  Pretty simple… so you would think!

Tonight she’s over at her friend’s house doing their exercise ‘thing’.  BINGO!  I can zip by and pick up the camera from the local Best Buy, lovely store #1185, the pride of Warner Robins.  I drop by the computer section to take a look at Microsoft Surface Pro, maybe on the off chance they have a 128GB version available.  A very nice man, Zavier, did some checking for me and was unable to find one, but told me to give the store a call on Friday morning.  If I was lucky, I may be able to secure one.  I shook his hand, and headed over to the keyboards.  Picked up a K400 for my XBMC machine upstairs.  So far, so good, a real positive experience… head over to the camera section.  Mrs. McAwesome decided on a Fujifilm camera, so I decided to drop by and check the stats on the camera she wanted.  Then things got bad…

I stood there for a few minutes and circled the camera section… two customers approached me thinking I worked there.  After the second person approached me I posted a snarky comment to Foursquare…

This is when things really got Twilight Zone level weird…  Normally when I am at a Best Buy, I have so many ‘associates’ crawling up my back, I can’t shake them.  That might be the case because I am normally in the PC/Tablet area, but here in the camera section, it is was like I was wearing a weird stealth suit, or maybe they thought I worked there, like the rest of their customers did.  I got to that ‘I can’t believe this is happening’ state, and then attempted to make eye contact with the ‘blue shirts’ as they walked by.  I was dumbfounded, three passed me by, not even giving me a second glance.  I was then growing completely irritable, when I saw coming from the back room, earpiece in, keys jingling, with his, “I’ll be right up front in a moment” statement over the radio, the Manager on Duty.  I moved to try to get into his path of movement and ZOOOOM he went by…  Which of course sent me into the stratosphere and this tweet…

At that point I was fit to be tied.  So I walked back to the keyboard section, put my K400 back on the shelf and promptly walked out the store.  AND NOT A SINGLE ASSOCIATE SAID A WORD TO ME.  Not the three grouped together talking in the cell phone section, not the girl restocking the BluRays, not the two headed to the break area, and not even the Loss Prevention guy at the door.  I am not shocked in the least that Best Buy is closing stores around the country and why people view it as a show room for Amazon, because that is where I will be purchasing my camera from this evening.

Oh you want to know the real capper to this story, the proverbial ’cherry on top’?  Even though there was a model on display… the camera was NOT EVEN IN STOCK!

“Best Buy Support” was very ‘nice’ to give me an apology

I am reminded of something my best friend, Mr. Tom Croom once said,


If Best Buy would like to fix the problem, I will be happy to talk to them, or even if the Store Manager or MOD would like, I’m open to that.  Please drop me a line at “JoeySnackpants (at) Hotmail (dot) com”…

Tomorrow will probably entail me calling people at corporate, because this blog post made me realize exactly how upset I truly am.

A grand experiment…


When Katie McAwesome and I moved from the Orlando area, we originally lived in a hotel as we were looking for new digs (actually KMcA looked, and worked).  In that whole time she used a Dell Mini 9 to do all her work.  Surprisingly, it ran everything she did; web, word processing, e-mail, the whole works.  I myself own an ASUS EEEpc 900A, that I use for casual web surfing and blogging.  That machine is 100% on the cloud, as another experiment.  I recently purchased KMcA a Dell Mini 10v so that she had a larger keyboard and screen to use.  So now I have both the Dell Mini 9 and ASUS EEEpc 900A.  Both of these machines are intel processors, Atom in the Mini, Celeron in the 900A.

Now the experiment.  For the next week I will use both of these machines, the Mini 9 running OS X Leopard and the 900A running Windows 7.  Looking at both, I’ll see what works, what doesn’t and which I prefer in the end.  Because all you OS X Kool-Aid drinkers scare me. :)

Google Apps are cool!


About 6 Months ago, I picked up an Asus EEEpc 900 off of the internet geek site “Woot!“.  For those that are not familiar with the EEEpc, it’s Asus’ bare-bones line.  It’s a netbook with a Celeron M (pre Atom) processor and only a 4GB SSD.  Now I have upgraded the SSD to 16GB so that I could put Windows 7 on it (which runs very well) and I have also installed a touch screen.  The touch screen upgrade has been compared to putting spinners on a Yugo, but it makes it really easy to use while on the couch.  Because of the extremely small hard drive and trying to get maximum portability, I decided to only install Google Chrome and a few utilities to keep the machine clean.  Any spreadsheets, documents creation, and e-mail would be done in the ‘cloud’ as an experiment.  Can I do it? Can I only do work in Google Apps?  Is this really possible?

When I first began this experiment, I only tracked a few number crunching items for my online life within Eve Online.  Tracking purchases and interest (before the bottom fell out of EVE Bank… BLARG!).   Now I am using Google Docs to do word processing work on the road.  This blog entry is being written in Google Docs so that my editor (the great Katie McAwesome) can look it over and make sure I am not a complete grammatical fool.  It works just as well as Word… and no matter what machine I am on, I can log into Google Apps and continue my work.   Having an unlocked HTC Touch Pro that I can use as a USB modem on my netbook makes connectivity much easier, but the idea of the ‘cloud’ is growing on me… I guess we will see how this turns out.
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