Mr. Snackpants goes to @AnimeExpo, to tell the world that #BeastWarsSucks… still.


I am packing my bags, and making sure that my flights are ready to go…  It has been a long time since I have written anything here, but tomorrow I travel across the country (again) to meet up with the infamous Tom Croom to talk about Transformers at the largest Anime Convention in the country, Anime Expo.  If you happen to one of the 40K+ crazed fans going, drop by at 7:00pm PDT in room LP2 and see DARE!: The Transformers Panel Ultimate!  I’ll be the short fat guy up front.  :)

Watched three shows today… Great, Good and Suck.


Today, I was able to get up early, take care of some Christmas shopping and watch three shows I have been waaaaay behind on.  G.I. Joe: Renegades, Young Justice and Transformers: Prime.  Tom has already talked Prime, and has called me about it multiple times.   So as an overview….

G.I. Joe: Renegades – The animated version of the A-Team.  I love the A-Team (Including the recent Movie).  I love G.I. Joe.  I should love this, but right now I am sitting on ‘good’ but willing to watch more episodes.

Young Justice – I am a HUGE fan of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond (the weakest of the set), Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.  I LOATHED Teen Titans and The Batman.  I thought Batman: The Brave and the Bold was marginal, with a few really good episodes.  Lastly, I have been a fan of the direct to video releases, especially the shorts that were the ‘added bonus’ on each.  So I was truly expecting to not enjoy Young Justice at all.  I was wrong. I want to see more.

Transformers: Prime – Complete crap.  It took all my willpower to sit through the first episode.  Did I mention it was crap?  This might be as bad as Beast Wars… might.

That’s all the comments I have time for now… later I’ll get into why I enjoy Young Justice.  Though I have a feeling my complete dislike for Transformers: Prime will need to wait for the next DARE! The Transformers Panel Ultimate.

Thank you interwebz!


I am now a “pundit” worth a public defense, especially since I said nothing here about the actions being defended. It must be because all of you in internetz can read my mind!!! OMG! Get out of my head, now! Where did my tinfoil hat go?

In other news, Katie McAwesome and I are watching Megan Wants a Millionaire. If you thought Rock of Love, Rock of Love 2 and Rock of Love Bus were true train wrecks, this one may actually take the cake when it comes to truly trash VH-1 “Celebreality”. Though I would love to see the return of the The Surreal Life, that was TV that was worth watching!

Well the movie is gonna suck…


But… this might be completely awesome… Need to set the DVR.

You go Joel!


Yet again, Joel wins another point in his ongoing battle against Seacrest!!

If you don’t know… the Soup is one of only 3 shows I watch religiously on television. It is pure comedic gold!

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