It was a movie about something, but it sure as hell wasn’t #Superman!


After long months, I have finally sat down and watched “Man of Steel”.  Due to a number of issues, I was unable to make it to the premier for which I had waited in line at Walmart to score tickets.  Problems in the ‘real world’ (aka work) kept me in the office, so my dear wife Mrs. Snackpants went to see it with her friends, while I slaved away at the office.  When she came home from my office, she launched into the greatest nerd rage I have ever seen from her (besides when I give her a hard time about Firefly).  She loudly proclaimed, “It was a movie about something, but it sure as hell wasn’t Superman!”  I was so very proud of my wife at that moment… to understand that while something could be decent film, it could be the worst film for a particular property/character/etc.  She understood what was important to a Superman film.

I know there has been quite a bit written about how bad this film was, but I want to address one major point…

When Richard Donner had Jonathan Kent (played by the great Glenn Ford) die, it was from a heart attack.  A silent killer that Clark had no way to prevent, even with all of his superpowers.  It taught Clark that there were certain things in this world he cannot control, and he would have to deal with that on a daily basis.

When Zack Snyder attempts the same lesson for Clark (we WON’T even get into the terrible death of Jonathan in Man of Steel), he teaches him something I thought I would never see in a Superman film.  Clark learns that the only way to control the situation to eliminate what he cannot control.  He kills Zod…  Violence is Snyder’s solution…

I should have been just as upset with Clark’s killing of Zod as I was with Optimus Prime’s need to take a life in the first Transformers film, but I just did not care at that point.

This film, while visually stunning, lacked any heart.  Something that the 1978 Donner Superman had in spades.  How can Geoff Johns, a man who was given his big break by Richard Donner himself, allow this film to have the Superman moniker on it at all?  In the end it can be simply put…

Crowe is no Brando, Costner is no Ford, Cavil is no Reeve, and Snyder is not even worthy to be compared to Donner.

Mr. Snackpants goes to @AnimeExpo, to tell the world that #BeastWarsSucks… still.


I am packing my bags, and making sure that my flights are ready to go…  It has been a long time since I have written anything here, but tomorrow I travel across the country (again) to meet up with the infamous Tom Croom to talk about Transformers at the largest Anime Convention in the country, Anime Expo.  If you happen to one of the 40K+ crazed fans going, drop by at 7:00pm PDT in room LP2 and see DARE!: The Transformers Panel Ultimate!  I’ll be the short fat guy up front.  :)

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