Strange things are afoot at the CircleK… #FB


Yesterday’s post made me realize I really need to update this much more often… but I also got an email from DC Entertainment today.

I have already 300+ hours in Borderlands 2… I really need to write something about that, and my Raspberry Pi experience (along with Xbian and OpenELEC), and my 2 Asus Tablets I have had since i wrote last about android tablets, and my opinions on Dredd, and how I don’t buy comics any longer, and my visit to “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”, especially after I recently read my previous blog post about it.

I just need to write… and stuff.  I haven’t been complaining enough on the internet, though reading my older posts… I really am more 50/50 in my internet writing.  My negative writing is just much more ‘colorful’.

Mr. Snackpants goes to @AnimeExpo, to tell the world that #BeastWarsSucks… still.


I am packing my bags, and making sure that my flights are ready to go…  It has been a long time since I have written anything here, but tomorrow I travel across the country (again) to meet up with the infamous Tom Croom to talk about Transformers at the largest Anime Convention in the country, Anime Expo.  If you happen to one of the 40K+ crazed fans going, drop by at 7:00pm PDT in room LP2 and see DARE!: The Transformers Panel Ultimate!  I’ll be the short fat guy up front.  :)

Chicken and Waffles!!!


Well Katie McAwesome and I met up with Atlanta’s famous Dr. MC Wagner at “Gladys Knight and Ron Winans’ Chicken and Waffles” for a heaping helping of southern fried awesome. 4 JUMBO fried whole wings and a waffle… this what is know as the “Midnight Train”. When I “jumbo”, these ain’t no sissy Hooters’ wings or mutant KFC wings… these were f’n HUGE! Like JUMBO or something. For those going to Dragon*Con, this might be a must have for Thursday or Sunday night… Oh yeah…

We also saw Fanboys, but more on that later…

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