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EPISODE 02 – The Wrath of Com[ics]


(Originally aired: 02/10/08)

This episode: Paul Chapman of the Greatest Movie Ever! Podcast and Daryl Surat of Anime World Order join Snacky for a frank and offbeat discussion about comic books and other media… the good, the bad, and the really REALLY ugly. Zaniness ensues.

Download the episode.

EPISODE 01 – The Sno’nuff Menace


(Originally aired: 01/20/08)

This episode: Joey Snackpants and his friends The Buddha and Bam-Bam discuss movies they should be embarrassed to admit they enjoy. Joey brings forth the classic “Barry Gordy’s: The Last Dragon”, but will The Buddha and Bam-Bam trump him with their selections… Rumor has it that Bam-Bam thought his favorite would be bigger. On January 20th, find out if Joey Snackpants, Esq. has the glow!

Download the episode.

Who the F*** is Joey Snackpants?



The pilot of the greatest robot of our time, Snackforce Prime! Leader guitarist and front man for the glam-emo-punk band Snackforce 5!!! Popular anime blogger! Extreme sports star! Jungle Cruise Skipper! Polarizing opinionated popular culture pundit! Joey Snackpants, Esq. is all this – and so much more. What began as hobby in the 80’s has gotten him thrown out of college “Jeopardy!” try outs, lambasted in both print and digital media, called a raving lunatic as well as a modern day Socrates Johnson and given him a soapbox at events from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Now through the magical power of the tubes (know to many as ‘the Internet’), he brings his insight to you as only he can! Agree or disagree, love or hate, Kirk or Picard, Batman or Superman, Macross or Gundam… he’s here, he’s got a podcast, and he’s not afraid to use it!


In 2007 – Green Mustard (actually, it’s Green Mustard Media now – which was all created from Wasabi Anime – but is sometimes referred to as Green Mustard Entertianment… it’s confusing) decided it was in their best interest to make use of the “grumpy old man of anime fandom” and put him on the Internet to entertain the masses. Thus, Snacktime Online was born – a podcast about cartoons, comic books, movies, television and whatever other geek aspect of the world his twisted mind feels like talking about.

It ran for a few episodes, but was derailed (for about a year) by a myriad of issues involving lumber, hardware and the state of Georgia. In 2009 – production began again with the ambitious goal to complete more than three episodes.

Stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and commentary on this blog and the Snacktime Online podcast are those of the author, host and guest hosts and do not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc. or any other company/convention/entity that “Joey Snackpants” happens to be associated or working with at any given time.

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