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What was that I hear?!?! Oh its the sound of suck coming from August…


HA! Yeah… I think Jean Claude in Street Fighter is going to be 10 times better than this…

Plus d’infos sur ce film

Ok… I promise to find something I am excited about soon… Oh I did! See last post. Now I need to actually watch it. *chuckle*

Well the movie is gonna suck…


But… this might be completely awesome… Need to set the DVR.

Team Snackpants?!?!


I know Joel McHale gives Ryan Seacrest a lot of grief every week on The Soup (tonight’s “Actual size” was making me roll on the couch), but I am envious of this vertically challenged brother. :(

I know many of you (that’s you Jason!) have made comments about certain celebrities having their PR people update their Twitter. I tend to agree, someone is pretty weak if they can’t put up 140 characters of anything… daily or even weekly. Seacrest’s Twitter makes no bones about it… He has his “Team Seacrest” do updates for him… I want a team!!!

Anyone want to be part of Team Snackpants?!?! Katie McAwesome is afraid I am going to make her the Captain and sole member.

In other news (From Seacrest’s own Blog)… PETA is being idiots… again. Can anyone take this group seriously anymore?

Shameless self-promotions….


One of the things I have respected Gene Simmons for, was his ability to market the hell out of himself and everything related to himself. When I saw this commercial I just about fell out of my chair laughing, and Nick doesn’t do to bad either.

I *WISH* I could promote myself 1/10000th as well as Gene does… but he also has a much better brand to work with. :)

You go Joel!


Yet again, Joel wins another point in his ongoing battle against Seacrest!!

If you don’t know… the Soup is one of only 3 shows I watch religiously on television. It is pure comedic gold!

Back on the Internet….


Well woot! successfully ‘fooled’ me before my annual boycott. When I was a child, April Fool’s Day was about putting strings on dollar bills, gluing pennies to the floor and playing time delayed shows on VHS to ‘fool’ people. The internet has just turned it into ‘fake news day’… Stupid… just as stupid as Lost, Heroes and most of the girls on Rock of Love Bus.

In other news… I am ready for the upcoming release of certain Guitar Hero tracks that I am not sure I am supposed to talk about or not… BOOYAH!

Move along…


No April Fool’s jokes here… move along.

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