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The view from behind greatness…


My partner in crime Tom Croom posted this photo on his blog… That is from where we were standing on stage singing back-up for Stan at Saturday’s show.

I am wondering if Gerald and Clarissa will have any opinions… since they were able to witness this greatness first hand. :)

Thank you!


I am still recovering, but I wanted to thank everyone who dropped by to see me at:

1.) Anime That Doesn’t Suck with Joey Snackpants
2.) Animusical Idol
3.) What The?!…
4.) The Stan Bush Concert (Photos coming soon)
and finally…
5.) DARE! The Transformers Panel Ultimate

We had a blast! I know a lot of other people did as well… They kept stopping me all day and making sure I knew.

Thank you again!



I know I haven’t been on here lately, but I have been in the middle of working on JACON… but I read something, and I think you should too.

Ok… even I can take a joke.


I know I will hate the new Star Trek film… I know it will anger me what Mr. “Lost” will be ‘re-envisioning’ one of the few things from my childhood that is still un-molested (that would be Star Trek during the time period of the Original Series), but watching this… made me realize… YES, I am one of ‘those’ people.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’

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