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Its as I should have expected…


Today was very much a disappointment/expected disappointment day.

Saw Transformers 2: Revenge of Even Worse Storytelling talk about BLECH on so many levels. Actually this one was much more in the spirit of the original animated series, it had an extremely poor plot AND they were looking for Energon. Nice to see that Optimus Prime has taken the “Punisher” approach to dealing with the bad guys. Its like watching a bad 90′s comic fanfic with the Transformers. Maybe Michael Bay is hanging with Rob Liefield these days.

On the end… I downloaded Blood Bowl today for the PC. Yeah, I pre-purchased from the crazy French (that should have been the first sign) site that was handling the digital purchases. I installed it, and boy it does look pretty… I played ‘classic’ game play. Classic is a strict following of the Blood Bowl Living Rules 5.0, and I am extremely impressed… for what I could play. I tried playing 4 games and each crashed at different times. As much as I loathe Windoze Vista, my 64-bit machine has never crashed… until today. Ugh, how a product gets to launch like this… I will never know. This sorta reminds me of the Ultima IX fiasco oh so many years ago. I am starting to think I should have just waited for a console version. This game is going to rock for Blood Bowl fans, when it does work.

In other news, while trying to get Blood Bowl to work, I re-watched Speed Racer on Blu-Ray. Damn is that film awesome, but that is for another time.

Is it any better now that its a PC Game with ‘good’ graphics?


Many many many moons ago, when I had a lot more time, and a lot less money… I used to play a table top game. I know that is a complete shock to many of you! This game was Blood Bowl from the minds of Games Workshop. Blood Bowl was basically really really violent (American) Football. I loved playing it over and over again, and in the 90′s there was a PC version ‘released’, and that is about all I would say about it. I think I played it once… maybe twice, and back then it was a chunk of change to drop for a PC Game.

Well this month we will see the return of Blood Bowl to the PC (and to the Xbox and DS later in the fall). Yes, I have pre-ordered the digital download… and all projections look good. But so did all the previews for Episode I and we know how THAT turned out!

Oh, for those that care… I will be playing Chaos. :)

Its Wednesday…


Yes, its Wednesday… and there is only one thing that is sure as the sun rises on Wednesday… Mr. Snackpants will be at the Local Comic Book Shop picking up my ‘pull list’. I am a DC Comics fan, have been since 1985… and the DC events lately have been sub-par at best. Final Crisis was such a disappointment… just don’t get me started. Right now, there are only two things I am reading that are really getting me excited, Legion of 3 Worlds and the lead up to Blackest Night, both of which are being written by Geoff Johns.

Johns is great about bringing back plot elements from YEARS ago… and making them relevant. DC Comics just posted a page from Blackest Night… and all I can say is… goosebumps.

MMO Gaming and me…


Many of you don’t know this… but I play ALOT of EVE Online… actually not as much as I used to, but with a certain convention over, I should be able to dedicate more time with it. They like to joke that an Eve player as the game open in one screen and a spreadsheet open in another… ACTUALLY… I have the game in one screen, a spreadsheet in another, a Ventrilio Client open in another, and web searches running on another computer connected through Synergy. I am pretty bad about it… but again, I have 3 Carriers and a Jump Freighter… I need to be.

I saw this on my old LiveJournal, and about died… If you get the reference, let me know. :)

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