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Grant Morrison’s "Joker" is superior?! Are we in a mirror universe?


I have not been completely vocal in my displeasure for Grant Morrison and his epic fails of the last 2 years… They can be summarized as:

3.) The death of Bruce Wayne (which could be tied into 2)
4.) The death of Darkseid
5.) The complete lameness of the new Seven Soldiers of Victory
6.) Final Crisis (so bad, it needs to be mentioned twice)
7.) DC One Million (Oh boy was that a stinker!)
8.) His Mary Sue in Seven Soldiers of Victory, Animal Man, and a number of other titles
9.) Final Crisis (Yes, so bad it had to be listed THREE times)
10.) Not killing Jason Todd AGAIN after that other idiot Winnick brought him back from the dead.

I read once that Morrison was one of those “art for art’s sake” kind of writers. You know the type that feels you can not understand the depths he goes to in his writing. I used to be a huge Morrison fan. His run on JLA in the early part of this decade completely revitalized the book and team. Where the problem lies, is that even though he has done great good, his ‘problems’ far outweigh those positives.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself, “So Joey… what’s the big deal? What has gotten you on this tirade today?” Surprisingly enough, this does not stem from a dislike of Grant Morrison, but a like for another writer, Paul Dini. After Grant Morrison did #3 on the above list, Paul Dini was asked to come on board and write two books: Batman: Streets of Gotham and Gotham City Sirens. Both of these have been of high caliber, but because of a number of scheduling conflicts there was a guest writer for GCS last issue. Paul Dini returns to GCS with Issue #4 and DC has put a preview up on on their “Blog” The Source. What is truly annoying me to no end is all the “Dini doesn’t write The Joker as well as Morrison” drivel these people are spewing! The Joker’s resergence as a Batman villain in the last 15 years can be accredited to his placement back in mainstream entertainment through Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Justice League. Three guesses who was primary driving force in those items?!? Oh yeah, it was Paul Dini! Beside Dennis O’Niel’s run on the Batman, I cannot think of another many’s contribution to The Joker that was so defining. I was extremely disappointed when I saw that GCS #3 was not written by Dini and now I am overjoyed to see his return to the book. Many people may not know, but Dini created the character of Harley Quinn for B:TAS and his portrayal of her is has close to the original you can get.

Don’t get me wrong, Grant Morrison is a good writer. He is just a terrible continuity writer. When asked to write his own independent stories or out-of-continuity tales (i.e. All-Star Superman), he is an excellent craftsman. I just need this guy to stay out of my continuity heavy story telling… oh and my “epic” events. Did I mention that Final Crisis was full of complete fail?

Google Apps are cool!


About 6 Months ago, I picked up an Asus EEEpc 900 off of the internet geek site “Woot!“.  For those that are not familiar with the EEEpc, it’s Asus’ bare-bones line.  It’s a netbook with a Celeron M (pre Atom) processor and only a 4GB SSD.  Now I have upgraded the SSD to 16GB so that I could put Windows 7 on it (which runs very well) and I have also installed a touch screen.  The touch screen upgrade has been compared to putting spinners on a Yugo, but it makes it really easy to use while on the couch.  Because of the extremely small hard drive and trying to get maximum portability, I decided to only install Google Chrome and a few utilities to keep the machine clean.  Any spreadsheets, documents creation, and e-mail would be done in the ‘cloud’ as an experiment.  Can I do it? Can I only do work in Google Apps?  Is this really possible?

When I first began this experiment, I only tracked a few number crunching items for my online life within Eve Online.  Tracking purchases and interest (before the bottom fell out of EVE Bank… BLARG!).   Now I am using Google Docs to do word processing work on the road.  This blog entry is being written in Google Docs so that my editor (the great Katie McAwesome) can look it over and make sure I am not a complete grammatical fool.  It works just as well as Word… and no matter what machine I am on, I can log into Google Apps and continue my work.   Having an unlocked HTC Touch Pro that I can use as a USB modem on my netbook makes connectivity much easier, but the idea of the ‘cloud’ is growing on me… I guess we will see how this turns out.

And his name is Dalton…


For those that have not read the internet recently, there has been a great sadness that has befallen my heart. No, it’s not Kayne West being a complete tool… He’s always been a tool, the guy never watches what comes out of his mouth. It’s the loss of the man known as Dalton, Patrick Swayze.

You are probably sitting at your internet enabled device and wondering, “Who is this ‘Dalton’ you speak of?” In 1989, a film came was released one that would fly under the radar, but would have a very strong impression on people such as Kevin Smith and Joey Snackpants. That film would be Road House!

Roadhouse, as cheesy of a film as it is, epitomizes the plight of the ‘short guy’. Between making the leading lady always lean on a pole or wall to the patented “Hillbilly Claw” attack, this film is pure bottled 100% awesome. For my complete take on the film, listen to the first episode of the infinitely delayed “Snacktime Online” Podcast (you may be lucky enough to find it somewhere). If not, the Kevin Smith commentary on the new Blu-Ray release is just about as good.

I have to say that Roadhouse had way too much influence on my thoughts of women taller than me, martial arts in the bayou, bouncers, blind guitar players, having a ‘decoy car’, sex against the wall, Sam Elliott, the power mullet and The Swayz himself.
Always remember “The Three Simple Rules” of being a bouncer:
1.) Never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected.
2.) Take it outside! Never start anything inside the bar, unless it’s absolutely necessary.
3.) Be nice.
Some people may remember that sissy Ghost film, or even more sissy Dirty Dancing, I like to remember him as the man known as Dalton. Next time you’re in Jasper, I’ll buy you a round at the Double Deuce!

Shatner and Nimoy at Dragon*Con… EPIC GREATNESS!


Tom Croom just posted a Blog post that has ALL of the Shatner/Nimoy panel links from YouTube. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS NOW before it gets taken down. This was one of the greatest panels I have ever sat on.

Part 2

Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Part 6
Part 7

Packing the car… Dragon*KHAAAAAAAAAAAN! Bound.


Well the car is being packed. One of the major advantages of living in backwater Georgia is that Atlanta is only about an hour away.

If you want to know what Katie McAwesome and I are doing, follow my twitter. *points to the right*

Woot! :)

Terminate the Berman Process.


The fine folks at Dragon*Con may have the reboot wrong, but the Berman Process needed to be terminated about 15 years ago.

See you all in Atlanta!

OH NOES!!?! We can’t make money on EVA… again?!


For those not in the know… September 1st is normally when a good number on companies begin their new fiscal year. So you will see a lot of business news come out this week. Yesterday was the big announcement that The Walt Disney Company (DIS) had put an offering out to purchase Marvel Enterprises (MVL). Today it was a wee bit more somber. ADV Films announced it was closing shop and moving its assets to other companies under the ADV umbrella.

Anyone that had been listening to people like myself, Daryl Surat or Paul Chapman, will know that we were prophesying the downfall of ADV as early as Anime Festival Orlando 2008. ADV is a private company, so it does not need to make any of its dealings and/or profitability public, so we have not been able to see the actual sales numbers of their titles from the beginning. Just looking over the company’s public practices and business dealings over the last few years (the drastic drop in sponsorships being one) would point in the direction that something was wrong. Add the recent Anime purge from Best Buy’s inventory, you can see that the shadow of death looming.

It should be interesting… but the fact that ADV would release Evangelion every 2 years as an ongoing cash influx, just stinks of poor business… in my humble opinion.

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