Many many many moons ago, when I had a lot more time, and a lot less money… I used to play a table top game. I know that is a complete shock to many of you! This game was Blood Bowl from the minds of Games Workshop. Blood Bowl was basically really really violent (American) Football. I loved playing it over and over again, and in the 90′s there was a PC version ‘released’, and that is about all I would say about it. I think I played it once… maybe twice, and back then it was a chunk of change to drop for a PC Game.

Well this month we will see the return of Blood Bowl to the PC (and to the Xbox and DS later in the fall). Yes, I have pre-ordered the digital download… and all projections look good. But so did all the previews for Episode I and we know how THAT turned out!

Oh, for those that care… I will be playing Chaos. :)