When Katie McAwesome and I moved from the Orlando area, we originally lived in a hotel as we were looking for new digs (actually KMcA looked, and worked).  In that whole time she used a Dell Mini 9 to do all her work.  Surprisingly, it ran everything she did; web, word processing, e-mail, the whole works.  I myself own an ASUS EEEpc 900A, that I use for casual web surfing and blogging.  That machine is 100% on the cloud, as another experiment.  I recently purchased KMcA a Dell Mini 10v so that she had a larger keyboard and screen to use.  So now I have both the Dell Mini 9 and ASUS EEEpc 900A.  Both of these machines are intel processors, Atom in the Mini, Celeron in the 900A.

Now the experiment.  For the next week I will use both of these machines, the Mini 9 running OS X Leopard and the 900A running Windows 7.  Looking at both, I’ll see what works, what doesn’t and which I prefer in the end.  Because all you OS X Kool-Aid drinkers scare me. :)