Oi vey… The DC blog (The Source) hinted earlier today that they would have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT later today.  As I should have expected, any time that we are told there is a “BIG” anything we should expect disappointment.  DC did not disappoint in the level of disappointment.  Their “BIG” announcement was that Dan DiDio, the Executive Editor of DC Comics, the guy that wanted to kill off Dick Grayson, the guy that gave Grant Morrison the keys to the DC kingdom with that epic fail of an event Final Crisis, will be writing The Outsiders.  When I read this only one thing came to my mind… “Who gives a flying f**k?!”.  So I guess Dan DiDio’s ego was not big enough as the Head Honcho at DC Comics.  Maybe he felt a little shrinkage after the DC Entertainment announcement?  I was on the fence about continuing to read The Outsiders, now there is no question.  I have just saved myself $2.99 a month.  Thanks Dan, you idiot.