About 6 Months ago, I picked up an Asus EEEpc 900 off of the internet geek site “Woot!“.  For those that are not familiar with the EEEpc, it’s Asus’ bare-bones line.  It’s a netbook with a Celeron M (pre Atom) processor and only a 4GB SSD.  Now I have upgraded the SSD to 16GB so that I could put Windows 7 on it (which runs very well) and I have also installed a touch screen.  The touch screen upgrade has been compared to putting spinners on a Yugo, but it makes it really easy to use while on the couch.  Because of the extremely small hard drive and trying to get maximum portability, I decided to only install Google Chrome and a few utilities to keep the machine clean.  Any spreadsheets, documents creation, and e-mail would be done in the ‘cloud’ as an experiment.  Can I do it? Can I only do work in Google Apps?  Is this really possible?

When I first began this experiment, I only tracked a few number crunching items for my online life within Eve Online.  Tracking purchases and interest (before the bottom fell out of EVE Bank… BLARG!).   Now I am using Google Docs to do word processing work on the road.  This blog entry is being written in Google Docs so that my editor (the great Katie McAwesome) can look it over and make sure I am not a complete grammatical fool.  It works just as well as Word… and no matter what machine I am on, I can log into Google Apps and continue my work.   Having an unlocked HTC Touch Pro that I can use as a USB modem on my netbook makes connectivity much easier, but the idea of the ‘cloud’ is growing on me… I guess we will see how this turns out.