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Snack Time Online 000: Remember… The Podcast


The planets have aligned and the winning lottery numbers match – in short: Snack Time Online is attempting to return.  The pop culture podcast from “the before time” kicks off with Episode Zero. That episode number allows Joey Snackpants & Tom Croom to write off this episode as a beta test.  In true Microsoft Windows form, we’re releasing this test episode before it is actually ready for public consumption – so enjoy!  Please post your feedback so we can apply it future episodes.
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Episode 000: Remember… The Podcast

1:26 What we’re doing and where we’ve been (podcasting-wise)
4:31 Tonight’s topic
6:24 Transformers Panels
7:28 Plane Tickets & Booze
8:25 New Transformers Cartoon?
9:09 We are Steve Jobs free
10:06 Burp #1
10:20 Have an Opinion
13:49 The Nudist Colony Newspaper
15:26 Glee
17:00 Call #1
17:28 Call #2
20:45 The Rules So Far
23:04 Stuff Tom is watching
25:05 Adult Swim
26:00 Twittering
29:32 Call #3
32:57 No one watches wresting anymore
37:00 Windows 7
40:31 Call #4
46:00 Tom’s social networking web
52:41 Call #5

-Green Mustard Entertainment

What am I playing? oh and DragonKHAAAAAAAN!!!


As I prepare myself for my major convention trek of the year, Dragon*Con and the launch of Champions Online… I have been evaluating my ‘gaming’, particularly MMOs. Currently I pay for:

- EVE Online (2 accounts)
- Warhammer Online
- City of Heroes (KMcA plays this more than I do)
- and now Champions Online (I have a lifetime sub)

No, I don’t play WoW… haven’t for nearly 3 years. I have an unused copies of both Burning Crusade CE and Wrath of the Lich King CE. They both given to me by Eric “The Finger” Wampner as hopes that I would return to that grind-fest.

I loved City of Heroes, the problem was, it pigeonholed a player into a specific power set. I had a Martial Artist (Joey Snackpants), but that is all he could do… punch and kick. In Champions Online, I can mix and match power sets, which makes Joey Snackpants (“Joey Snackpants@Snackpants” if you are looking for me in game) gun and kicking his way to beating the “Bad Guys”. I am very impressed… oh and my Lifetime Membership in Champions Online gets me access to the Mirror Universe uniform set in Star Trek Online. Though I am not sure if I will be playing that one. If it is part of the Hackbrams Universe, then count me out!

For those of you going to Dragon*Con, I hope to see you there! We will be partaking of Gladys and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles, Trade Vic’s, Lavapalooza, and a whole mess of other craziness! Zaniness will ensue! Keep up with my twitter (@Joey Snackpants) to see where me and the rest of the Green Mustard goobers will be!

Mystery of the Legendary THIRD EPISODE


Hiya folks – we’re working hard to get Snacktime Online up and running again. In doing so, we have recently found the mysterious third episode!

We should have it all up soon. (Before Christmas 2010.)

Thanks for your patience.

-The Green Mustard Staff

Who the F*** is Joey Snackpants?



The pilot of the greatest robot of our time, Snackforce Prime! Leader guitarist and front man for the glam-emo-punk band Snackforce 5!!! Popular anime blogger! Extreme sports star! Jungle Cruise Skipper! Polarizing opinionated popular culture pundit! Joey Snackpants, Esq. is all this – and so much more. What began as hobby in the 80’s has gotten him thrown out of college “Jeopardy!” try outs, lambasted in both print and digital media, called a raving lunatic as well as a modern day Socrates Johnson and given him a soapbox at events from Los Angeles to Atlanta. Now through the magical power of the tubes (know to many as ‘the Internet’), he brings his insight to you as only he can! Agree or disagree, love or hate, Kirk or Picard, Batman or Superman, Macross or Gundam… he’s here, he’s got a podcast, and he’s not afraid to use it!


In 2007 – Green Mustard (actually, it’s Green Mustard Media now – which was all created from Wasabi Anime – but is sometimes referred to as Green Mustard Entertianment… it’s confusing) decided it was in their best interest to make use of the “grumpy old man of anime fandom” and put him on the Internet to entertain the masses. Thus, Snacktime Online was born – a podcast about cartoons, comic books, movies, television and whatever other geek aspect of the world his twisted mind feels like talking about.

It ran for a few episodes, but was derailed (for about a year) by a myriad of issues involving lumber, hardware and the state of Georgia. In 2009 – production began again with the ambitious goal to complete more than three episodes.

Stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and commentary on this blog and the Snacktime Online podcast are those of the author, host and guest hosts and do not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of Green Mustard Entertainment, Inc. or any other company/convention/entity that “Joey Snackpants” happens to be associated or working with at any given time.

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