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Hey, remember the Black Hole and Tron?!


For those that may not know, I was born and bred as part of the Disney Collective.  From 1972 till 2001, I ate, drank, walked, smoked, and thought Disney.  They paid my salary, the paid my parents’ salaries, everything I had in my life was because of the Disney success story.  Many of you that are reading this may not have been born when things at Disney were not so ‘secure’.  If you have spare time between Final Fantasy XIII, Red Dead Redemption or the Twilight “Saga”, you may want to find a copy of Storming the Magic Kingdom in your local used bookstore, or Amazon.

In February of 1984, I was lucky enough to sit in the Ballroom of the Americas at Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resort for the Annual Walt Disney Productions (what the Walt Disney Company was called back then) stock holder’s meeting.  There, Ron Miller, son-in-law of company founder Walt Disney, was premiering a film, Splash, for the stock holders.  Why was the then CEO (Ron Miller would not see the end of ’84 as the company’s CEO) so worried about stockholder opinion regarding their new movie?  Well, after the Black Hole and Tron, two ‘adult’ oriented Disney films, completely BOMBED, the decision was made to create Touchstone Pictures.  This decision would be Ron’s greatest legacy with the now Walt Disney Company (WDC).  Back in the 80′s and 90′s, WDC was really worried about it’s ‘image’.  With Touchstone Pictures, then later the Hollywood Pictures and the aquisition of Miramax, WDC was able to create a layer of protection between itself and its ‘edgier’ productions.

So there are 2 set-up paragraphs for what, Mr. Snackpants?  Well, last night, Katie McAwesome and I sat through Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (don’t get me started on the fact that a movie based on a video game, needs a seperate video game tie-in).  While seated in the theater, it finally hit me that the huge Disney castle logo was emblazened on the front of a PG-13 film.  This was not the first time… all three of the previous Pirates films were PG-13, but it would have been much, much harder to mask such a well-known Disney property (“Pirates of the Caribean” was the last attraction Walt had direct control over).  Prince of Persia was an Electronic Arts property, no previous Disney tie-in at all, but now the company has come full circle.  When PG films were unsuccessful for the company, they needed a veil of protection to keep shareholders happy and stock prices up.  Now that they have successful PG films, the Disney castle logo is emblazened at the front of the film… to keep shareholders happy and stock prices up.  The question I have now… when will we have the first R rated film with the Disney logo attached to it… and will anyone really notice?

Google Apps are cool!


About 6 Months ago, I picked up an Asus EEEpc 900 off of the internet geek site “Woot!“.  For those that are not familiar with the EEEpc, it’s Asus’ bare-bones line.  It’s a netbook with a Celeron M (pre Atom) processor and only a 4GB SSD.  Now I have upgraded the SSD to 16GB so that I could put Windows 7 on it (which runs very well) and I have also installed a touch screen.  The touch screen upgrade has been compared to putting spinners on a Yugo, but it makes it really easy to use while on the couch.  Because of the extremely small hard drive and trying to get maximum portability, I decided to only install Google Chrome and a few utilities to keep the machine clean.  Any spreadsheets, documents creation, and e-mail would be done in the ‘cloud’ as an experiment.  Can I do it? Can I only do work in Google Apps?  Is this really possible?

When I first began this experiment, I only tracked a few number crunching items for my online life within Eve Online.  Tracking purchases and interest (before the bottom fell out of EVE Bank… BLARG!).   Now I am using Google Docs to do word processing work on the road.  This blog entry is being written in Google Docs so that my editor (the great Katie McAwesome) can look it over and make sure I am not a complete grammatical fool.  It works just as well as Word… and no matter what machine I am on, I can log into Google Apps and continue my work.   Having an unlocked HTC Touch Pro that I can use as a USB modem on my netbook makes connectivity much easier, but the idea of the ‘cloud’ is growing on me… I guess we will see how this turns out.

Packing the car… Dragon*KHAAAAAAAAAAAN! Bound.


Well the car is being packed. One of the major advantages of living in backwater Georgia is that Atlanta is only about an hour away.

If you want to know what Katie McAwesome and I are doing, follow my twitter. *points to the right*

Woot! :)

What am I playing? oh and DragonKHAAAAAAAN!!!


As I prepare myself for my major convention trek of the year, Dragon*Con and the launch of Champions Online… I have been evaluating my ‘gaming’, particularly MMOs. Currently I pay for:

- EVE Online (2 accounts)
- Warhammer Online
- City of Heroes (KMcA plays this more than I do)
- and now Champions Online (I have a lifetime sub)

No, I don’t play WoW… haven’t for nearly 3 years. I have an unused copies of both Burning Crusade CE and Wrath of the Lich King CE. They both given to me by Eric “The Finger” Wampner as hopes that I would return to that grind-fest.

I loved City of Heroes, the problem was, it pigeonholed a player into a specific power set. I had a Martial Artist (Joey Snackpants), but that is all he could do… punch and kick. In Champions Online, I can mix and match power sets, which makes Joey Snackpants (“Joey Snackpants@Snackpants” if you are looking for me in game) gun and kicking his way to beating the “Bad Guys”. I am very impressed… oh and my Lifetime Membership in Champions Online gets me access to the Mirror Universe uniform set in Star Trek Online. Though I am not sure if I will be playing that one. If it is part of the Hackbrams Universe, then count me out!

For those of you going to Dragon*Con, I hope to see you there! We will be partaking of Gladys and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles, Trade Vic’s, Lavapalooza, and a whole mess of other craziness! Zaniness will ensue! Keep up with my twitter (@Joey Snackpants) to see where me and the rest of the Green Mustard goobers will be!

Thank you interwebz!


I am now a “pundit” worth a public defense, especially since I said nothing here about the actions being defended. It must be because all of you in internetz can read my mind!!! OMG! Get out of my head, now! Where did my tinfoil hat go?

In other news, Katie McAwesome and I are watching Megan Wants a Millionaire. If you thought Rock of Love, Rock of Love 2 and Rock of Love Bus were true train wrecks, this one may actually take the cake when it comes to truly trash VH-1 “Celebreality”. Though I would love to see the return of the The Surreal Life, that was TV that was worth watching!

Team Snackpants?!?!


I know Joel McHale gives Ryan Seacrest a lot of grief every week on The Soup (tonight’s “Actual size” was making me roll on the couch), but I am envious of this vertically challenged brother. :(

I know many of you (that’s you Jason!) have made comments about certain celebrities having their PR people update their Twitter. I tend to agree, someone is pretty weak if they can’t put up 140 characters of anything… daily or even weekly. Seacrest’s Twitter makes no bones about it… He has his “Team Seacrest” do updates for him… I want a team!!!

Anyone want to be part of Team Snackpants?!?! Katie McAwesome is afraid I am going to make her the Captain and sole member.

In other news (From Seacrest’s own Blog)… PETA is being idiots… again. Can anyone take this group seriously anymore?

Chicken and Waffles!!!


Well Katie McAwesome and I met up with Atlanta’s famous Dr. MC Wagner at “Gladys Knight and Ron Winans’ Chicken and Waffles” for a heaping helping of southern fried awesome. 4 JUMBO fried whole wings and a waffle… this what is know as the “Midnight Train”. When I “jumbo”, these ain’t no sissy Hooters’ wings or mutant KFC wings… these were f’n HUGE! Like JUMBO or something. For those going to Dragon*Con, this might be a must have for Thursday or Sunday night… Oh yeah…

We also saw Fanboys, but more on that later…

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