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Terminate the Berman Process.


The fine folks at Dragon*Con may have the reboot wrong, but the Berman Process needed to be terminated about 15 years ago.

See you all in Atlanta!

Hmmm… this might shock some of you…


For people that have followed me for years, they will know the hatred that burns deep in my soul for Rick Berman and Brandon Braga, the two men I truly blame for the complete decline of the Star Trek franchise. My intolerance of Star Trek: Enterprise created many a heated debate with my close knit network of friends and geeks. Retcon annoys me to no end, especially when its done with a wide brush, like Enterprise was. (We can talk later about why I tolerate it with my on going love of DC Comics).

When I had originally heard of the J.J. Abrams reboot… I was EXTREMELY upset. In retrospect, I think this emotional outburst was more in reaction to decision to not have the Greatest Actor of our time Mr. William Shatner reprise his role as Captain James T. Kirk (while Nimoy is returning as Spock). Recently I have been reading a number of articles… and rewatched a good bit of James Bond films (which recently had a very successful reboot), and I am actually mildly interested in seeing how this new Star Trek film does…

Oh, but I still think Lost is a waste of time after Season 1.

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