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Star Trek and the theories of Web Marketing…


One of dearest friends Stepp-sensei posted this video recently and as a guy who crunches large amount of data for his ‘day job’, I found the explanation of the theories of segmenting data sound and the presentation very interesting.

If I was going to hire an internet marketing consultant, this would be the guy.  Your usage may vary. :)

I Have an Opinion!


I have an opinion!

Yes I do… and many have said that I truly hate most of what is produced for the mass media. Yes, I loathe Lost but that show became a parody of itself. I hate Heroes. That show just pretended to be good. Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Star Trek (J.J. Hackbrams) were all movies whose writers needed the crutch from pre-existing fandom. All were nothing like the original but had a ‘BIG NAME’ to bank on. It is the epitome of laziness in mass media today. Today on Facebook, I was challenged to come up with anything I actually *LIKED* “in the last few years”. That time period was defined as 3 years. So, now I will dig deep into my mind and come up with that list, and it may just surprise you!

- Stardust (2007) – I went to see this film initially to just keep people from going to a movie alone. I was truly impressed with the film and own it on DVD and HD-DVD. Yes, I said HD-DVD! :)

- Enchanted (2007) – This film was exactly what it was trying to be. Both cute and a satire on the whole ‘save the Princess’ genre. The cameos by the ladies of previous features kill me.

- Live Free or Die Hard UNRATED (2007) – As much as I loved Die Hard 1 & 2, but loathed 3… the fourth installment of the franchise brought it back. Though this only goes for the awesomeness that is the unrated version.

- Justice League Unlimited (ended in 2006) – I truly love the DC Animated Universe. Keeping continuity for over 10 years on TV is just unheard of. It takes a storyline that began in Batman: The Animated Series, continued through Superman:TAS, Batman Beyond, Static Shock, and Justice League to a final completion with the Lex Luthor, Darkseid and the Anti-Life Equation. Ten times better than Final Crisis attempted to do.

- Three Sheets (2007) – Zane Lamprey created a show that has a camera follow him drink around the world. Oh, and we learn some culture too!

- Kung Fu Panda (2008) – Just plain fun! There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness.

- Justice League: The New Frontier (2008) – As good of an adaptation of the series as one could get in the limited time frame. You can check out the podcast for my detailed opinion.

- Stargate SG-1 (ended in 2006) – What started as just a run of the mill science fiction show began realizing that continuity and serialized stories were much better than the episodic drudge that was on TV at the time.

- Watchmen (2009) and V for Vendetta (2006) – Even though each drifted away from Alan Moore’s storyline, these films captured the spirit of the work.

- Iron Man (2008) – You know what you get when you take a superhero and don’t make him extra angsty or closer to the people. You get a good superhero movie.

- 300 (2006) – MANTASTIC!

- Speed Racer (2008) – Yeah, people didn’t like it. The problem with this film was the reason why I truly enjoyed it, own it on BluRay and still watch it at least once a month. It is a near PERFECT translation of Speed Racer to the big screen. People wanted some Transformers style junk. This was exactly what it should have been.

- Hot Fuzz (2007) – I don’t know why, but I thought this movie rocked! Actually, I think it was for the ending.

- Fanboys (2008) – Even though it had its issues and the story is completely unbelievable, it’s cute. Luckily they didn’t completely butcher this, as we expected they would.

- Slumdog Millionaire (2008) – Ok, yeah, it won an Oscar, but I think it was one of the most original storytelling films of last year.

I probably missed some stuff… but again, I am old and my mind is going.

Ok… even I can take a joke.


I know I will hate the new Star Trek film… I know it will anger me what Mr. “Lost” will be ‘re-envisioning’ one of the few things from my childhood that is still un-molested (that would be Star Trek during the time period of the Original Series), but watching this… made me realize… YES, I am one of ‘those’ people.

Trekkies Bash New Star Trek Film As ‘Fun, Watchable’

Why the new Star Trek is just going to annoy me to no end…


I listen and watch stuff with the ‘directing’ team and ‘writing’ team and ‘producing’ team… and they talk about about creating a ‘whole new world of Star Trek’, and ‘allowing everyone to experience Star Trek the first time’. ARGH! If you wanted to create a ‘whole new world’ why the hell didn’t you make your own story and not jump onto a franchise… Oh yeah, you’re a lazy putz that needs to jump onto the dead horse that the idiot Rick Berman brought about.

These are the same idiots that brought us Enterprise… Yeah. I’ll just add this to the list of stuff that will get me annoyed to no end this summer:

- Star Trek
- G.I. Joe (yeah, not the Greatest AMERICAN Hero but some multicultural mish-mash of crap)
- Transformers 2 (not like Transformers got me annoyed enough)

Joey Snackpants, Esq., taking rants to the next conclusion…



I have seen Watchmen and I am impressed… more tomorrow.

I have also seen the new Star Trek trailer… and there best be some reprogramming of a simulation in that film, or Abrams will be up there with Berman and Braga. There’s some parts of Trek lore you don’t f’ with!

Hmmm… this might shock some of you…


For people that have followed me for years, they will know the hatred that burns deep in my soul for Rick Berman and Brandon Braga, the two men I truly blame for the complete decline of the Star Trek franchise. My intolerance of Star Trek: Enterprise created many a heated debate with my close knit network of friends and geeks. Retcon annoys me to no end, especially when its done with a wide brush, like Enterprise was. (We can talk later about why I tolerate it with my on going love of DC Comics).

When I had originally heard of the J.J. Abrams reboot… I was EXTREMELY upset. In retrospect, I think this emotional outburst was more in reaction to decision to not have the Greatest Actor of our time Mr. William Shatner reprise his role as Captain James T. Kirk (while Nimoy is returning as Spock). Recently I have been reading a number of articles… and rewatched a good bit of James Bond films (which recently had a very successful reboot), and I am actually mildly interested in seeing how this new Star Trek film does…

Oh, but I still think Lost is a waste of time after Season 1.

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