I listen and watch stuff with the ‘directing’ team and ‘writing’ team and ‘producing’ team… and they talk about about creating a ‘whole new world of Star Trek’, and ‘allowing everyone to experience Star Trek the first time’. ARGH! If you wanted to create a ‘whole new world’ why the hell didn’t you make your own story and not jump onto a franchise… Oh yeah, you’re a lazy putz that needs to jump onto the dead horse that the idiot Rick Berman brought about.

These are the same idiots that brought us Enterprise… Yeah. I’ll just add this to the list of stuff that will get me annoyed to no end this summer:

- Star Trek
- G.I. Joe (yeah, not the Greatest AMERICAN Hero but some multicultural mish-mash of crap)
- Transformers 2 (not like Transformers got me annoyed enough)

Joey Snackpants, Esq., taking rants to the next conclusion…